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Welcome to FELIVET webpage.

We are a small company from Maribor, Slovenia. Our main aim is to help Slovenian veterinary practitioners with their continous personal and professional developement as well as permanent education. We are doing our best to help and guide the doctors of veterinary medicine with their constant track of novalties on their proffesionall and technical field.

Aminals are one of the most important factors in our lifes, same with their production, as with warm glances and unforgettable moments, which our pets seem to give us over and over again. And particuarly veterinarians take great responsibility for their well being, protection and health. Therefore, to be able to take care of them in the best possible way, the conscience itself usually leads veterinarians to educate themselves about newest gudelines in profession and to upgrade their knowledge of latest technologies and capacities of in-house medical devices. Is is the only way to offer comprehensive medical care to animals and consequently meet pleased animal owners.

Our loyal friends and helpers deserve only the best in life and we are here to provide the best for them!

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